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Paid by the seller
Paid by the seller

PRO TIP:  we advise seller’s to offer market rate commission to buying agents. In Toronto, this is typically between 2 - 2.5%. If you offer anything less than 2 - 2.5% to the buying agent, you risk losing showings of your property. Buying agents prefer to show their clients homes that offer them the full 2 - 2.5% commission. 


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We have been lucky to represent some amazing GTA homeowners so far in 2020.

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With all home sales, we provide the following services:

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By geo-targeting specific locations and search history online, we can find buyer's that are intending to purchase a home now as they have already been searching for 3 - 6 + months. 

Schedule a meeting to see a live demo of our geo--targeting Ad software. 


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